RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2022: Best show garden revealed – plus all the medal winners

After a few years of pandemic disruption, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show finally returned to its roots within the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea at the end of May. This year, 25 different exhibit and sanctuary gardens vie for attention, along with 18 other smaller gardens, each offering the trademark invention and intrigue that regular visitors associate with the exhibit.

As the first real Chelsea to return to action post-lockdown, the fingerprints of the pandemic are all over the gardens. Designers have used their horticultural art to explore all sorts of societal issues, including mental health, connection to each other and the natural world, and climate change, as well as more elusive themes like travel and imagining to what the future might look like.

The Chelsea plantations were also affected by the events. Long-time visitors to Chelsea might well notice how understated and informal the planting is this year – a few purples, plums and purples light up the mostly green backdrop of native trees and shrubs such as hawthorn, mountain ash and beech. The absence of floral fireworks reflects a real shortage of material – the impact of the pandemic on commercial suppliers and the effect of Brexit on plant imports from Europe.

Yet there’s no denying that this year’s Chelsea Flower Show is a treat to behold and such a welcome return for garden lovers. The question now is: which of the most prestigious show gardens won a coveted RHS Gold Medal and the highest honor of all: Best in Show?

Each exhibit is judged by a panel of gardening experts from across the horticulture industry. Gardens are evaluated on plants (nomenclature, health, quality and vigour, freedom from pests and diseases, range of plant material and suitability), overall impression (impact, creativity, balance and scale) and effort (the difficulty of growing the plants and level of difficulty in staging the show and originality).

Without further ado, here are all the medal winners from the 2022 Chelsea Flower Show.

Chelsea Flower Show Best In Show 2022

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