Landscaped garden centers will move to a new space southwest of Sioux Falls

Landscape Garden Centers is celebrating its final holiday season after nearly half a century in its Minnesota Avenue location before relocating to a new space just southwest of Sioux Falls.

The garden center is located at 7201 S. Minnesota Ave. for about 45 years after Phil Helland started the business in 1977, initially named Lakeland Nurseries. In 2000, Phil sold his rights to the company to his son Erik Helland and a business partner.

Erik Helland, who is now the sole owner, has spent his entire career in the facility – pulling weeds, picking up nails and now managing operations. But Landscape Garden Centers has outgrown its facilities and the city of Sioux Falls has enveloped the oasis, said Erik Helland, proving it is time for a change.

“What we’ve really tried to do is provide an experience with the venue and the staff,” said Erik Helland. “Over time, this place has brought a lot of uniqueness, and the plants and materials make it a park. It has become very eclectic.

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Erik Helland plans to move in spring 2022 to a new 11-acre property on 271st Street between Western and Louise avenues, just a few miles from the current location.

Christmas decorations are ready before the Landscape Garden Centers' final holiday season before moving to the southwestern edge of Sioux Falls in the spring of 2022.

The new space will provide better circulation for shoppers to walk around the store, and the additional five acres of land will make it a destination for more than landscaping and garden needs, but for weddings, field trips and more. events.

Erik Helland plans to focus on the garden center with separate offices for his employees so that customers can see the diverse work that landscape garden centers can provide.

“This new space allows us to grow,” said Erik Helland. “Sioux Falls is exploding. We are very lucky and fortunate to be part of a community capable of weathering so many storms.

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But before the garden center can move, the business has one last Christmas season at the original site. It’s a bittersweet time for the employees, who have shut down the center for weeks to prepare the store with Christmas trees, lights and decorations before Thanksgiving and the start of shopping season.

After that comes the packing and the moving, which Erik Helland joked that he “didn’t realize how much stuff you are racking up after 45”.

Christmas decorations are ready before the Landscape Garden Centers' final holiday season before they move southwest to Sioux Falls in the spring of 2022.

“We put the past behind us and move on,” he said. “Sioux Falls is growing up with new people and our customers are younger. They are not attached to this old site. They care about how they are taken care of, their experience, workmanship and customer service, what we can deliver at the new location. “

That’s not to say that Erik Helland is forgetting the many families who used Landscape Garden Center as a backdrop for their Christmas photos or who chose their Christmas tree together every year there.

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He encourages families to celebrate one final holiday season at the current location before moving.

“When we’ve been here for 45 years we’ve crossed a lot of generations and are happy to be part of the family vacation times,” he said. “I hope people come out and enjoy our last Christmas season there and then help us look forward to next spring.”