Holiday Garden Arts and Crafts Sales Returns | News

The Arlington Garden Club raised funds for its scholarships and community activities at its annual Holiday Garden Arts and Crafts Sale which returned this year.

The event took place on November 20.

The local club brings together a number of local artists and artisans to sell handicrafts.

“We have a huge variety of things in there that people can buy,” said Laurie Marshall, president of the Arlington Garden Club.

There are no commercial vendors at the event which exclusively showcases local arts and crafts including metal art sculptures, blankets, food items, and garden artwork. .

“I think it’s wonderful,” said local Laura Warren. “I love homemade stuff.”

Local Nola Russell said she had attended the event several times.

“I love it,” she said. “I like the variety and the fact that people have made it themselves.”

This year’s event drew a large number of people for the sale.

“So far everything is going very well,” said Marshall. “Last year, due to COVID, we didn’t have this event, but I’m very happy with the crowd.”

Club members were happy to be able to bring home the sale they’ve held nine times.

“Our suppliers were so grateful, mostly because at the start of the year it was very uncertain whether or not we were going to put this on,” Marshall said.

She said locals are delighted that events are returning to the community as well.

“People are ready to go out and do things in society again,” Marshall said. “It’s just one way for them to do it.”

The Holiday Garden Arts and Crafts Sale also helps many vendors.

“This is great publicity for our suppliers, as well as the Garden Club,” said Marshall.

The event also helps raise funds for the club which uses the funds for various purposes around Arlington.

“The proceeds from the raffle go to high school students for college scholarships,” Marshall said. These scholarships go to various school districts in the area, not just Arlington.

The club is also working to beautify the neighborhoods of Arlington.

“There have been a few parks that we have set up with a lot of plants and flowers. We take care of the Arlington Mayor’s Garden, ”said Marshall.

“Just a lot of community activities to make the community more beautiful,” she said.

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