GridBeyond ranked among the top five virtual factory platform providers by Guidehouse Insights

The transition to a Net Zero economy is driving significant changes in the energy sector. From the boom in renewable energy generation to the ever-increasing need for grid balancing services. This results in a significant need for scalable and real-time solutions to manage the energy system of tomorrow.

At GridBeyond, our vision is to build a shared energy economy that delivers sustainability, resilience, affordability and adaptability through collaboration and innovation. By bridging the gap between distributed energy resources and electricity markets, our technology means that every connected asset, whether utility-scale renewable energy generation, battery storage or charging industrial, can be used to help balance the network. Earnings?

By intelligently allocating flexibility in the right market, at the right time, asset owners and energy consumers unlock new revenues and savings, resilience, manage price volatility, while supporting the transition to a Net Future. Zero.

Using artificial intelligence and data science, GridBeyond’s technology balances and orchestrates power generation, storage, and industrial load into a coordinated system. GridBeyond’s smart energy optimizer is at the heart of our services. By connecting load, generation and storage assets to opportunities in energy markets, our technology bridges the gap between distributed energy resources and power grid requirements.

Combining solvers, market access and automatic trading in one place, including balancing services, capacity markets and participation in wholesale markets, our technology enables C&I companies, fleet operators to electric vehicles, generators and energy storage operators to maximize revenue and savings.

GridBeyond began commercial operations in 2010 and is home to the world’s first hybrid battery and demand grid. Today a global player in the energy transition, GridBeyond offers a powerful combination of technological excellence, consultative approach and unparalleled expertise that allows its partners and customers to have sustainable access to energy services, while supporting the wider electricity grid, integrating more volatile renewables and leapfrogging to a greener future. All without impacting operations.

GridBeyond provides energy services, new revenue, increased savings, strengthened operations and sustainability to over 400 I&C sites worldwide, including some of the most beloved brands on the planet.